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Our Rules

The Following are the Terms & Conditions of the agreement under which rooms are permitted to be used by guests:

1. Tariff:

The tariff is for the room only and is exclusive of any Government taxes which may be applicable for time to time.

2. Settlement of Bills:

Bills must be settled on presentation personal cheques not accepted.

3. Departure:

Guest are requested to give at least twelve hour notice of their departure No luggage can be removed from the hotel premises before the bills are settled in full of default payments as dues by a guest, the management reserves to itself the right to detained all the luggage and belongings.

4. Luggage Storage:

Luggage may be stored in the luggage room at the guest’s sole risk as to loss or damage from any causes. Luggage may be stored for a period of over 30 days. The management will not in any what so ever be responsible for the loss of goods and any property due to neglect or any other causes not for damage there to.

5. Damage To Hotel Property:

Guest will be held responsible for any damaged cause to guests Hotel Property, moveable or unmovable either by themselves or by their servants, and until the damages are paid for, their luggage will be retained guests are requested to avoid throwing cigarettes ends or any things else out of the windows or leaving lighted in the rooms.

6. Accidents:

The management does not hold itself responsible for any accident how so ever cause whether by use of electrical gadgets, mechavied aplicamees etc or by natural causes, includes act of God. Resulting either loss or damaged to themselves and/or their property.

7. Hotel right or require visitors to vacate:

The management reserves to itself the right to request any resident to vacate his or her room ar any moment without previous notice or to assign any reason for such request.

8. Games:

Card playing and other games are not allowed. The use of private radio, gramophones or other musical instruments in restricted.

9. Liquir, Alcoholic Drinks are not allowed in Hotel Premises (Strictly).

10. Dog/Any pet animals:

Dogs and animals are not allowed in the Hotel’s Rooms, eatable premises.

11. Guests are particularly requested to lock the doors of their rooms while going out or when relining.

12. Amendment of Rules:

The management reserves to itself the right add after or annual or after the rules.